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'Man United are doomed to finish mid-table or scrap for a Europa League spot' - Eamon Dunphy


Eamon Dunphy was pessimistic about Manchester United's prospects this season

Eamon Dunphy was pessimistic about Manchester United's prospects this season

Eamon Dunphy was pessimistic about Manchester United's prospects this season

Eamon Dunphy believes Manchester United are in need of a reality check and need four or five years of rebuilding to challenge at the summit of the Premier League

Jose Mourinho suffered one of the most humiliating defeats of his career yesterday as United were dismantled by Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

Six days after using ultra-defensive tactics to earn a goalless draw at Anfield, United's defensive frailties were ruthlessly exposed by Conte's side, leaving United six points off the top of the table.

Speaking on Game On on 2FM, Dunphy believes the problems at Old Trafford originated long before the Portuguese arrived.

"The people who run Manchester United are the people who are responsible. The beginning of the end for Manchester United came before Alex Ferguson left," he said.

"In his last successful season, Van Persir scored the goals, a player who was coming to the end of his career, he was a quick fix and he did the job.

"Manchester United when Ferguson left had very little. It was a club that needed to be re-built from the foundations upwards.

"Paul Scholes and Giggs were coming to the end. Even Wayne Rooney was coming to the end. They had to start again and nobody has addressed that core problem.

"Everyone is looking for a quick fix. David Moyes was given seven months and no budget incidentally and then they got Van Gaal who was supposed to be a quick fix. He was given some money but he wasted it and now Mourinho has come in.

"I mean the waste in the summer of £100m on Paul Pogba is one example, the centre-half Bailly, who some people think can offer something, he cost £35m.

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"They are in denial about where the club is. It's on a downward spiral that is beyond the capacity of one coach to fix unless you gave him a couple of billion.

"Mourinho is not going to be a success, Nobody could succeed with this team."

Dunphy was also critical of summer signings Paul Pogba and Zlatan Ibrahimovic who struggled to make any impact in yesterday's 4-0 defeat.

"He (Pogba) is a kid. He's a young 23 and he's been brought in as a magic, silver bullet. That doesn't work in football. It's a team game," he added.

"It was a mistake to buy him. I think Ed Woodward needed a marquee signing to prove his cajones. No one else was going to buy Pogba.

"Alex Ferguson decided four years ago that Pogba was not good enough to play for Manchester United and he was right.

"Ibrahimovic is just a folly. He's 35. He can barely run and he's not playing at all.

"Manchester need to assess where they are and then choose the person who is going to rebuild them into being a great club. They are a mile away at the moment.

"There is a young guy at Bournemouth, Eddie Howe, he should have got the England job. He should probably get the Manchester United job and say ' this is where we are at, we need four or five years to get back to where we need to be'.

"In these times when there are so few players worth going for, United are stuck.

"I think Mourinho is good and he'll keep them in the mix a little bit. He'll do what he has to do, like he did at Liverpool last Monday but he can't make top class players out of the players he's got, they are just pretty ordinary.

"They're doomed to mid-table or maybe scrapping for a Europa League place, that's where they fit now."

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