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Jose Mourinho fuming as Manchester United left stranded in airport after Chelsea defeat


Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho

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Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho was left fuming as Manchester United were left stranded in London following Monday night's 1-0 defeat to Chelsea.

Ander Herrera was sent off in a full-blooded contest but it got worse for Mourinho and United when they arrived at the airport only to be told that their plane was in another country.

Mourinho and the dejected United squad were then forced to take a four-hour bus journey back to Manchester, according to reports in England.

"When they arrived at Heathrow, the plane wasn't there and they were informed that it was in another country, and with the delay was due to land at around 2.30," a source told the Star.

"The two solutions were, stay in London Heathrow for three hours sleeping on a chair, or go by bus to Manchester for four hours and arrive at about the same time, but the chairs would be a bit more comfortable on the bus.

"Mourinho and his players arrived in Manchester around 4am."

The source added: "There have been many other episodes this season that the manager and his players are far from happy about."

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