Tuesday 22 October 2019

John Aldridge: Jose Mourinho's United meltdown is history repeating itself

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho during his side's defeat to Brighton
Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho during his side's defeat to Brighton

John Aldridge

The only conclusion I can come to as I watch the Jose Mourinho meltdown at Manchester United is that he is trying to get sacked once again.

It is bizarre to see history repeating itself three years after he was shown the door at Chelsea after he alienated the dressing room and left the cub with no choice other than to get rid of him.

The Chelsea players refused to play for Mourinho in the end and while it is unacceptable for any footballer to down tools and refuse to give of his best, you can understand why this particular manager is hard to play for.

I look at Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool and while he has not won the trophies Mourinho has collected over the course or his career, he has a wonderful way of getting players on side and presenting his club in a good light.

Mourinho seems to be precisely the opposite, as he criticises his players in public and looks grumpy and miserable most times we see him in front of a camera.

This guy seems to go out of his way to inject poison in his dressing room and whatever his motives, he is not getting the reaction from players any more.

The United fans were unsure whether they wanted Mourinho to manage their club given his track record of causing chaos everywhere he goes and now those fears have been realised. While I don’t think the club will consider sacking him just yet, there is no doubt that the clock is ticking for Mourinho at United and if they were to lose a couple of more games in the next few weeks, the pressure might get to breaking point.

Mauricio Pochettino would be the kind of manager who could give United a very different image on and off the field if they could prise him away from Tottenham and you have to ask whether it is now a matter of time before the club hit the panic button and call for change.

As a Liverpool man through and through, Mourinho used to annoy the hell out of me as he was brilliant at winning football matches with an arrogance off the field and a brand of football on it that was not my cup of tea at all.

His abrasive manner off the field and the defensive football he promotes was never easy to watch and while we all suspected he would not be a good long-term fit for Manchester United, few of us could have predicted he would have alienated everyone in his dressing room all over again.

Mourinho has not bothered to buy or rent a house in Manchester, still lives in a hotel and gives off all the signs that he is not planning a long stay in his latest post.

Well, the way things are going at United, he might get his wish sooner than any of us could have predicted this season.

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