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Jamie Carragher responds to strange 'champion leg breaker' jibe from Marouane Fellaini


Jamie Carragher has laughed off comments from Manchester United midfielder Marouane Fellaini who referred to the former Liverpool defender as the the 'world champion of breaking legs'.

Fellaini was asked by Belgian media to comment on remarks made by Carragher last year when he said that the Belgian should never play in the Premier League again after his elbow on Leicester defender Robert Huth.

He reportedly said: “If I am violent and aggressive, what was Carragher?

"He is the champion of blah-blah and the world champion of breaking legs. If you type his name into YouTube you’ll only see him tackling.”

The comments were tweeted at Carragher and the Sky Sports expert responded with: "Just Man United legs!"

The article that was referred to was Carragher's column in the Daily Mail last year when he aimed both barrels at Fellaini for his clash with Huth.

"Three games is not a sentence that will prove a deterrent to Fellaini," said Carragher.

"He is a repeat offender and it has gone beyond the point now where people can attempt to defend him by saying he is a tall lad who is using his arms for leverage.

"Look at the incident with Huth again: Fellaini takes a glance around and sees where Huth is before swinging.

"Yes, he may have been provoked but the Belgium international knew what he was doing. Had he connected firmly, the Leicester defender could have been left with a broken cheek or jaw."

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