Monday 23 September 2019

Gary Neville labels Paul Pogba's Instagram explanation 'garbage' as Manchester United midfielder faces a fine

Pogba's social media message posted shortly after Jose Mourinho was sacked by Manchester United was hastily deleted. Photo: PA
Pogba's social media message posted shortly after Jose Mourinho was sacked by Manchester United was hastily deleted. Photo: PA
Kevin Palmer

Kevin Palmer

Manchester United legend Gary Neville has lambasted the club's record signing Paul Pogba after his social account posted a message shortly after Jose Mourinho had been sacked on Tuesday morning.

Pogba's Instagram feed featured an image of Pogba smiling as he asked his fans to provide a caption for the image that led many to conclude he was pleased to toast the exit of Mourinho.

The now departed United boss had a tempestuous relationship with Pogba that concluded with him dropping the French World Cup winner for what proved to be his final two Premier League matches as the club's manager.

There were suggestions that Pogba's message was pre-scheduled and related to an event linked to his sponsors, but Neville refused to buy into that version of events as he offered these comments to Sky Sports.

"Don't fall for this coincidence scheduled tweet nonsense, it's garbage, absolute garbage," said Neville.

"I do believe that dancing on the grave of the manager who has just been sacked is out of order.

"Paul Pogba, there is no doubt, has fallen out with the manager. He doesn't believe in him, he doesn't like him, he doesn't think he's a good coach probably, and vice-versa.

"There is probably a high level of dislike there, but Jose Mourinho lost his job this morning and Paul Pogba should not have allowed that to happen.

"I think he would have liked to have gone public earlier on Jose, and how the club is at this moment in time. But on Jose's side, I bet he thought when Paul Pogba won the World Cup in the summer he was coming back to an impossible situation where he thought this player is going to be out of control now.

"Jose Mourinho doesn't think Paul Pogba is as good a player as he thinks he is. There's been a complete breakdown in the last six months between the pair of them, probably the last year."

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Neville's went on to suggest Mourinho's fractured relationship with Pogba was not the primary reason why he was sacked by United, as he admitted failure on the feield

"The last six months has been messy, scabby," he added. "There is no doubt that there has been discontent in the dressing room, more than Pogba.

"I also think Jose Mourinho has lost faith in the players, he doesn't think they are good enough. The players have also lost faith in the manager. It was a bit of both.

"There is a lack of control at the club. If they had to sack Jose Mourinho because he didn't want a Director of Football, that's can't be right. This is one of the biggest football clubs in the world. The club has been led by manager's philosophies, not club philosophies. That needs to change.

"Get someone in who is the best in class and someone who meets the values. I'm not good enough for that role. They need people who have proved it at top clubs. The best in their class.

"As manager, you know full well you're the one who carries the can. The club won't get rid of £700-800million worth of talent when they can get rid of a manager who might cost them £25-30million.

"The reality is the manager will always fall, will always be a scapegoat, will always be blamed, but it's not that simple.

"There have been three excellent managers that have now failed at Man United in the last six years. Jose has won everywhere he's been.

"This was the banker, the one that was definitely going to win the title. In my mind as well, I never thought for one second Jose would leave without winning a title."

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