Friday 20 September 2019

Eric Cantona praises Jose Mourinho...before claiming his brand of football does not befit Manchester United

Eric Cantona claims he loves Jose Mourinho....but he is not a big fan of his defensive football
Eric Cantona claims he loves Jose Mourinho....but he is not a big fan of his defensive football
Kevin Palmer

Kevin Palmer

Eric Cantona has revealed that he has ‘always loved Jose Mourinho’, but he has suggested the manager now in charge of Manchester United is not promoting a style of football that befits the traditions of the Old Trafford club.

In a fascinating interview with @FullTimeDEVILS, United legend Cantona offered up comments that may not be welcomed by Mourinho, who is always sensitive to formers players questioning his methods that have proved to be so successful over the course of his coaching career.

Now Cantona has joined the debate, as he offered words of praise and criticism for Mourinho. “Even before he arrived at United, I really loved Mourinho,” stated Cantona.

 “I love the way he plays, but I just prefer that it is more offensive United have always played in a good way, enjoyed the game, this is the philosophy of the club and it is very strong

“Mourinho has won a lot of things. He has already won things with United and he will win ever more things, but I prefer if it is more offensive, more creative. This is why I loved to play for United. If Barcelona play in a defensive way, nobody would understand.

“This philosophy of the game at United is very strong and that is why it can be difficult to understand, but I love Mourinho and he will win things, which is very important. Mourinho is a great manager.”

You can watch Cantona’s full interview here, including his thoughts on Anthony Martial, Paul Pogba and that infamous night when he kung-fu kicked what he describes as ‘a hooligan’ at Crystal Palace.

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