Sunday 21 July 2019

Man City captain Vincent Kompany admits he feels sorry for struggling Manchester United

Vincent Kompany. Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images
Vincent Kompany. Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images

Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany admits he has sympathy with local rivals Manchester United and suggested they are still in a transitional period following the retirement of Alex Ferguson.

United manager Jose Mourinho is under huge pressure after back-to-back Premier League defeats and while words of sympathy from Kompany were offered with sincerity, the idea of the City captain feeling sorry for his local foe will add to the frustrations of United fans.

"I have compassion for the neighbours because Sir Alex Ferguson was such a big personality, you cannot take somebody like that out of a club and think everything is going to continue like before," Kompany told Sky Sports.

"You need a transition period. Manchester United is still a big club, it competes for everything, but it's still dealing with the post-Ferguson era, it's as simple as that.

"Manchester United are still ­dealing with a post­-Ferguson era. So they will get that side of me, feeling ­compassionate. But any time it takes them to get back up, we need to take advantage of it."

Kompany also defended the huge spending spree that has transformed City into one of the world's most successful clubs in recent years, as the club marked the tenth anniversary of their take over by the Abu Dhabi Investment Group.

"Any investment by City recently has been to overtake other clubs' 20-year advantage," he argued.

"The alternative is you go to Germany and you have Bayern Munich who obliterate the league every year because they've got 11 million fans. So what's the alternative?

"What is fair about the status quo? Should City be in the third division and say 'we've got awesome fans but we're not allowed to have success'?"

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