Sunday 21 July 2019

Jurgen Klopp clarifies his comments on Paul Pogba's transfer fee as he urges Liverpool to 'splash the cash'

Jurgen Klopp. Photo: Getty Images
Jurgen Klopp. Photo: Getty Images
Kevin Palmer

Kevin Palmer

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has admitted he misjudged how rapidly transfer fees would expand in recent years, as he admitted his club now needed to spend big in a bid to keep pace with their rivals.

Klopp famously questioned Manchester United's decision to break the transfer record to sign Paul Pogba from Juventus in 2016 and suggested he would get out of the game if it became a spending contest between the game's top clubs.

Since then, Liverpool have broken the transfer record for a defender when they signed Virgil van Dijk for £75m and backed that up with a world record deal for a goalkeeper when they captured Alisson Becker, with Klopp asked whether he has changed his views on big money deals in an interview with German broadcaster ZDF.

"Liverpool is an ambitious club and if we didn't spend the same amount of money as others, we wouldn't be able to compete," said the Champions League winning manager. "Everybody's splashing the cash, so we have to do the same.

"Back when I was in Germany, Bayern had a bottomless pit of money, like £100m. In today's market, that gets you one centre-back. So this bottomless pit of money is enough to buy one player in today's world and that doesn't even cover their wages.

"The market has changed more than I expected, but I stand by what I said over the Pogba transfer. Maybe things were lost in translation but my point was, if we reach a point where football is solely about money and not football, then I'm leaving; and I still feel the same way about it."

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