Sunday 26 May 2019

John Aldridge: Why the Sam Allardyce myth is a load of old nonsense

Sam Allardyce's unbeaten start at Everton continued
Sam Allardyce's unbeaten start at Everton continued

John Aldridge believes Sam Allardyce is 'one of the luckiest men in the game' after jumping back on what he describes as the managerial wheel of fortune at Everton.

A smiling Allardyce revelled in his success guiding his new club to a 1-1 draw against Liverpool at Anfield on Sunday, but Aldridge suggests the idea that he is a manager who has the skills to take Everton towards long-term success is fanciful.

"Allardyce was Everton’s second or third choice option to replace the sacked Ronald Koeman, but he had the club’s owners just where he wanted them by the time they handed him a ticket to jump back onto the managerial wheel of fortune," says Aldo.

"I’m not fan of the man who revels in his own ego and promotes the idea that he is some kind of miracle worker who can keep teams in the Premier League.

"Everton were clearly unsure about appointing Allardyce when they initially held talks with him and the club’s supporters pretty much united in their stance that they didn’t want him.

"The radio phone-in show I do in Liverpool every week was inundated with irate Everton fans calling in and highlighting everything that is wrong with the club, but none of them were saying they wanted Allardyce to take over.

"This guy promotes a brand of football that is hard to watch and while it gets results and keeps average teams in the Premier League, fans get bored of it pretty quickly and that will happen again at Everton.

"Then as the weeks went on and no appointment was forthcoming, Everton’s owners started to fear their club was falling apart and they finally gave Allardyce the money he wanted to take over.

"There are rumours he is on more than £100,000-aw-week at Everton and that’s before his ‘survival’ bonus is taken into account. It’s great work if you can get it!"

Aldo went on to suggest there was 'never any chance' of Everton suffering relegation from the Premier League this season, as he suggests the 'survival bonus' in Allardyce's contract was always certain to be cashed in.

"Essentially, Allardyce has made his millions from the game on the back of being better than three rubbish teams every season and if he manages to finish fourth bottom with whatever team he happens to be with every May, he gets a couple of million quid bonus for his ‘achievement’," he adds.

"Relegation was not on Everton’s radar when they decided to change their manager, but the five weeks that passed between Koeman’s exit and the appointment of Allardyce saw Everton sink to a series of horrible defeats.

"Once they crashed to a horrible 4-1 defeat against Southampton and turned in a performance that had relegation written all over it and the call Allardyce wanted arrived.

"He claimed he had retired when he quit Crystal Palace last season after pocketing a huge windfall for keeping them in the Premier League, but we all knew he would be back when the waft of a few more quid came his way.

"That is the way he has always operated and sure enough, he is cashing in again now.

"The beauty of this latest posting for Allardyce is he knows he can’t fail at Everton, as there was never any chance of them getting relegated.

"He will have a massive bonus inserted into his 18-month contract for keeping them in the Premier League and with the players they have in that squad, he knew that was money he could bank the moment he signed his latest contract."

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