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Keegan calls on Liverpool to move out of Anfield

Kevin Keegan has issued a damning indictment of the club he once graced as player, stating in no uncertain terms that Liverpool are going nowhere unless they move away from Anfield.

"I think the Liverpool squad is still way, way short," said Keegan. "Unless huge investment comes in, I'd be amazed if Liverpool were to win the league championship in the next five years. They are losing ground on their rivals by the minute, with only 40,000 coming into Anfield and not being in the Champions League.

"They need to find £300m for a new stadium on top of all the rebuilding of the squad. They really have to seriously think of this new stadium and how they finance it. They need to get another 15,000 to 20,000 people in there so they can at least begin to compete with Manchester United on a commercial level. It saddens me to say it, but they have to move from Anfield."

Keegan looks forward to the day that Kenny Dalglish is confirmed as manager, believing that his former team-mate should already have been appointed. "It's obvious the players enjoy playing for him," he said. "If you look at the points they have taken since Kenny has come in and applied them to the first half of the season they'd be champions. The test will be doing that next season."

In no mood for the bland cliches and banal evasions of football-speak, Keegan dismissed Andy Carroll as hugely overpriced and believes that Newcastle will sell more stars in the summer. Many fans on Tyneside are hoping that the £35m they received for Carroll in January will be spent on new players. No chance, said Keegan.

"It is not going to be reinvested, is it, I think that's obvious," he said. "As a Newcastle fan, if Carroll is the only one you are going to lose, you have to be pretty thankful. There may well be other players going as we speak. I think they'll sell two more players and then he [owner Mike Ashley] will sell the club. And that'll be the best day Newcastle fans have, when he sells the club.

"I'd love to be able to give Newcastle fans some encouragement, but I can't see it getting any better in the short term." Keegan is especially frustrated by the situation because he feels Newcastle did extremely well financially out of the deal to sell Carroll.

"No one in their right mind who had worked with him or seen him -- not even Andy Carroll himself -- would say he was worth £35m. But if you've just got £50m and you are desperately, desperately looking to appease your fans having sold Fernando Torres, it can happen.

"You get more than you thought for Torres so maybe you pay more for Carroll. Would I have paid that for him? 100 per cent no. People talk about Carroll and Luis Suarez being like John Toshack and myself. Really? Liverpool paid £100,000 for Toshie and £33,000 for me. I came from Scunthorpe United and no one had heard of me. So it was slightly different."

Not that Keegan thinks Carroll is lacking in talent. "He was on the fringe when I was there. He was raw. This kid is the best header of the ball I've ever seen. That's his biggest plus point for me. His minus points have always been there. Can he get his head down? Can someone make him realise that all he has to do is train hard, work hard and be a good pro for 10 years and he'll be a very rich boy?"


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