Friday 24 November 2017

Keane on ...

"This didn't help the club, the manager going to law against its leading shareholder. How could it be of benefit to the club? I said, 'You're not going to win,' and he said, 'I don't care, no one does that to me.' And I go, 'Okay, off you go, I'm not going to change your mind.'

"How could it benefit Man United? It didn't and we know what happened. What was that all about? Power and control."

His exit from United

and the legal letter

"The way it ended, the legal letter, I couldn't have gone and sat there like everything was great. He (Ferguson) would come and we all stand up and clap, I couldn't have done that.

"I count my blessings to have played for Manchester United. All of my family are United fans and I don't have any bitterness towards Man United, please let's make that clear. But when you get a letter from lawyers representing the club through your letter box, you wonder what it was all about.

"My experience when leaving United couldn't tarnish my time at the club. Take nothing away from the 12 years, I loved every minute of it.

"I would like to think that I was more than another employee but maybe, ultimately, I wasn't."

Ferguson's programme notes and criticism of his punditry

"There was an angle there of trying to get the fans to look differently at me and I thought, 'I can't have that.' I thought that was ridiculous.

"I remember him doing punditry before for the BBC and ITV, but all of a sudden this idea of being a TV critic or pundit is not good."

Ferguson questioning his managerial record

"Listen, you could question every pundit's managerial skill in relation to his and we're all going to come up short. But I would also say that without players like myself, maybe he wouldn't have such a good managerial record, because players who go down the punditry road, it's soon forgotten that we put bodies on the line for him."

Ferguson's ruthlessness

"People say he stood by me in difficult times. But (he didn't) when I was 34, not when I was towards the end and had a few differences with Carlos Queiroz (right). All of a sudden then, 'Off you go, Roy, and here's the statement we've done.' I had disagreements with the manager over many years. I remember one really bad one, I might have been 26 or 27, something happened at a Christmas do, it was a proper blazing row, but he dealt with it."

Other managers under Ferguson's influence

"(Roberto) Martinez made a point about it

a year or two ago, suggesting certain managers were in Ferguson's pocket, although he then claimed what he said was misrepresented. But you see it. Ex-players and even managers, like lapdogs around him, nodding their heads.

"My attitude is that, like everyone else, I'm entitled to my opinion but it's as if you can't have a go at certain people, you can't defend yourself (against them)."

Being invited to Ferguson's 25th anniversary celebration

"I wouldn't have felt comfortable. 'No, not for me,' I said. I did get in touch with Anne (Wiley, club secretary). I didn't just not turn up."


"MUTV is dangerous, United get beaten 10-0 and let's look on the bright side, let's take the positive, it wasn't 11."

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