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Jurgen Klopp not in favour of Super League - and reveals he only heard about Liverpool's plans on Sunday


Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp.  Peter Byrne/PA Wire.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp. Peter Byrne/PA Wire.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp. Peter Byrne/PA Wire.

Jurgen Klopp has reiterated his view that he is against a European Super League after news that the 'big six' Premier League clubs are set to join a breakaway competition.

Man United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Man City and Spurs are aiming to join with elite clubs from Spain and Italy to start a new competition to rival the Champions League.

The proposal has been widely condemned by fans and having spoken out against the prospect in 2019, Klopp confirmed to Sky Sports that his view hasn't changed since.

Speaking ahead of the game against Leeds, the Reds manager also revealed that he only found out about Liverpool's plans on Sunday.

“It didn’t change. My opinion didn’t change,” he said ahead of the game at Leeds.

“I heard the first time about it yesterday and when you are trying to prepare for a difficult game against Leeds, we got some information, not a lot, most of things you can read in newspapers or wherever.

“It is a tough one, people are not happy with that. I can understand that, but I cannot say a lot more about it because we were not involved in any processes – not the players, not me. We didn’t know about it. The facts are out there and we will have to see how it develops.”

Klopp also emphasised the importance of the “competitive factor of football”.

“I am 53 years old and since I was a professional player the Champions League was there,” he said.

“My aim was always, as a player it was not possible, but as a manager my aim was always to coach a team there.

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“I have no issues with the Champions League, I like the competitive factor of football.

“I like the fact that West Ham might play in the Champions League next year, I don’t want them to because we want to do that, but I like that they have the chance.”

With Liverpool supporters putting up banners outside Anfield earlier in the day, Klopp also called on the club to remain united during the uncertain times.

“It is really not easy,” he added.

“What I want to say as well is what I really don’t like is that Liverpool Football Club is much more than some decisions and the most important part of football are the supporters and the team and we have to make sure that really nothing gets in-between that.

“I heard we put banners down at Anfield and stuff like this. The players did nothing wrong. We have to stick together and when other people from other clubs use our anthem against us I don’t like that either, we can show that nobody has to walk alone in these moments.

“There are things we have to sort obviously, but nothing to do with the football or relationship between the supporters and the team, that is really important, because in tough times you have to show that you stick together.

“That doesn’t mean you have to agree to everything, but the boys did nothing wrong, apart from not winning all of the football games, so I really want to make sure everyone knows that.”

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