Sunday 17 November 2019

Jose Mourinho takes fresh swipe at Arsene Wenger over handshake snub

Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho
Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has launched a fresh attack on Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger after his handshake snub at the Community Shield final at Wembley on Sunday.

The Portuguese does not have the best of relationships with Wenger and suggested that the Frenchman had showed him a lack of respect.

Speaking on Talksport, Mourinho said: “My perspective is one thing is the streets and the other thing is a football stadium.

“As a manager in a football stadium, I never refuse a handshake with a rival. By respect of my club and by respect of football I would never refuse a handshake with a football manager in a football stadium.”

Mourinho claimed he was proud with how he acted on the sideline last season and referred to the incident when Wenger entered his technical area and pushed him at Stamford Bridge last season.

He added: “I am very happy because last season I had fantastic behaviour on the touchline. I was never sent to the stands, I was never punished for my behaviour.

“I always had good relations with the fourth official I had a new experience in my career, which is always welcome, because I was pushed in the technical area by another manager and it was a good experience for me to keep my emotional control.”

In the interview, Mourinho appeared to pour cold water over reports that he was about to sign England international John Stones from Everton.

“What happens happens, but I won’t lose any time thinking about the transfer window," he said.

“For me the transfer window is over. I don’t like the transfer window open when the competition starts. I know it is open, I know my club can buy or sell, but I don’t like that feeling. As a coach I am thinking about my players, my squad, and I don’t want to think about transfers. Clubs and players need quiet time and respect when the competiton starts.

“Imagine a Swansea player plays against Chelsea on Saturday and then goes to Manchester City, then he plays against Chelsea again the next week. I cannot get that into my head.”

Jose Mourinho dodged an awkward meeting with Arsene Wenger on Tuesday by failing to show up for a mandatory Premier League conference in London.

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