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Jose Mourinho: It's taken 11 years for my prediction that I'd suffer a bad spell to come true


Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho during the press conference

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho during the press conference

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho during the press conference

Jose Mourinho has revealed that he has been reminded of the fact it has taken 11 years for his prediction that he would suffer a bad spell in his managerial career to come true.

Chelsea manager Mourinho is going through the toughest time of his career in management, following six Premier League defeats in 11 games that have put a big question mark against his future.

But, as he desperately tries to turn around Chelsea’s awful form, a friend sent Mourinho a text message aimed at keeping his current situation in perspective.

“This is new for me,” said Mourinho. “That's why I'm a good one (coach). I've not experienced this before. Yesterday a friend sent me some quotes of my press conference after the Champions League final in May 2004.

“I'd completely forgotten about it. In May 2004, I said that, one day in my career, bad results would come. I said that in 2004 after winning the Champions League final with Porto. One day the bad results will come and I'll face the bad results with all the same honesty and dignity that I'm facing now as a European champions. May 2004.

“So, 11 years later, I resisted the nature of my job and the nature of football. Eleven years waiting for this. It took time, but it's come in a moment when I'm stable and strong to face it.”

Mourinho refused to name the friend who sent the message and also declined the opportunity to name-check any former colleagues or opponents in football who have attempted to offer their support.

“My friend is not a football person and I'm not going to tell you which football people called me or sent me SMS because that would be unfair to some of them who I might forget,” said Mourinho. “So it's better not to say. I've had messages from friends. Some are football people. Some are not.”

Asked how long he believes Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich will give him to improve results and form, Mourinho simply quoted the length of the new contract in signed in August by saying: “In this case, three years and seven months, or something like that.”

Despite receiving goodwill messages, it is clear Mourinho will not be going to anybody for advice. According to the 52-year-old, the only person he can learn from is himself.

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“When you reach my level, it's difficult to learn from others,” said Mourinho. “You have to learn from yourself, with your own experiences, day by day, analysing your work. That's why I have a staff of assistants to discuss every detail of our job. I learn with it day by day, with the experiences which come every day.”

Ahead of Wednesday night’s Champions League game against Dynamo Kiev at Stamford Bridge, Mourinho revealed striker Radamel Falcao had suffered “an important muscular injury” that will keep him out for “a few weeks.”

The injury means Falcao is unlikely to play any Champions League football before the January transfer window, leaving him free to join another club in Europe’s biggest competition if Chelsea and parent club Monaco decide to cut short his loan.

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