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John Giles: Jurgen Klopp behaved like an idiot on Sky Sports - I wouldn't even dignify his argument with a debate

Soccer Football - Premier League - Liverpool vs West Bromwich Albion - Anfield, Liverpool, Britain - December 13, 2017 Liverpool manager Juergen Klopp reacts REUTERS/Andrew Yates
Soccer Football - Premier League - Liverpool vs West Bromwich Albion - Anfield, Liverpool, Britain - December 13, 2017 Liverpool manager Juergen Klopp reacts REUTERS/Andrew Yates

John Giles

AROUND this time of the year, the pantomime season kicks off but I reckon Jose Mourinho and Jurgen Klopp could star in a Punch and Judy show all year round. Both men would have to be billed as villains.

Sunday’s big derby double confirmed what I believed to be the case about Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City. They are a brave group with a brave manager and now racing favourites to win the title with some comfort.

But it also underlined just how petulant grown men can be in football. Put it this way, it’s quite an achievement to make Sam Allardyce look like a reasonable man but both Klopp and Mourinho managed to do that.

While they were bleating and, by the looks of things, Mourinho was fighting, Allardyce simply ducked away from Anfield with a very fortunate point and kept his mouth shut.

I’ll bet Bobby Charlton and those at Manchester United who didn’t want Mourinho to darken the door are fuming.

Mourinho has had the same amount of time as Guardiola to do his work and the difference between the two teams is significant. The difference between the managers is stark.

And I’ll bet those who viewed Klopp as a kind of Mersyside Messiah are having second thoughts. He’s certainly not the cuddly creature we saw when he first arrived at Anfield.

He has an irrational streak and doesn’t control himself on the touchline. Tunnel vision doesn’t quite cover his insistence that Dejan Lovren was blameless for Everton’s equalising penalty.

I won’t even dignify that with a debate. Klopp behaved like an idiot with Sky’s reporter Patrick Davison and these were the actions of a man who has lost control.

A few hours later Mourinho managed to place himself at the centre of a major incident which ended in a brawl at Old Trafford.

At the root of all the nonsense on Sunday was a very simple thing. Both Mourinho and Klopp are like spoiled children who cannot lose well and quite often win badly.

Manchester United were outplayed by City and Mourinho couldn’t deal with it so he did what he always does and deflects, this time in a way which dragged everyone into the melee.

Instead of talking about Mourinho’s failure to match Guardiola on the pitch, the headlines are full of blaring headlines about plastic water bottles and punches flying.

Managers only visit opposing dressing rooms to offer congratulations and the idea that Mourinho was upset with the scale of City’s celebrations is beyond laughable.

I don’t have to list the number of times Mourinho has acted the clown on the touchline, baited referees and ignored the sins of his own players while lashing those who dive and cheat.

Klopp allowed his anger and frustration to boil over and showed a dark side to his personality. Mourinho’s bile is never far away and will surface again.

Football is all about sucking it up when you lose a big game like that or have drawn one you feel you should have won.

We tell kids from an early age that they should be gracious when they win and honest when they lose.

What are they to think when they see the managers of two of the biggest clubs in the world behaving like school yard bullies?

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