John Giles: I am certain that Jose Mourinho wants to move to PSG

Jose Mourinho

John Giles

The more the days go by, the more certain I am that Jose Mourinho wants out of Old Trafford as soon as he can find a way to sign on the dotted line for PSG.

His team failed the second big test of their title credentials when they lost to a Chelsea side which was vulnerable. With eight points now between Pep Guardiola and everyone else, Mourinho will not be confident about the months ahead.

Different stories have been whirling around for the last few weeks but with two distinct tracks.

The first hints that Mourinho is on his way to Paris and the second revolves around reported haggling over a contract extension with Manchester United.

Although the two strands may seem contradictory, they are not if you assume that Mourinho wants out.

If he does have some form of communication open with PSG, he will be talking to them about a salary package which will be far above anything United will want to offer.

He wasn’t in a great negotiating position after he was thrown out of Stamford Bridge but he clearly feels fully rehabilitated now and I think he is in the market for what would be his dream job.

The most recent twist in the tale points in that direction, suggesting that Mourinho has asked for an enormous new deal.

Perhaps he has asked for one so big, that the club cannot say yes.

As we saw with Neymar - what PSG want, PSG get so this is a win/win situation for Mourinho.

He can stay where he is if United match his salary demand but the issue of resources will not go away and PSG will be buying big again next summer.

I believe that Mourinho has decided that there is some doubt now whether United can match his ambition. He knows the way the wind is blowing and will follow the cash to Paris.