Monday 22 July 2019

John Aldridge: I remember being spat at by Portugal defender Fernando Couto - I was tempted to smack him

Ireland's John Aldridge celebrates his goal in the face of Portugal's Fernando Couto back in 95
Ireland's John Aldridge celebrates his goal in the face of Portugal's Fernando Couto back in 95

John Aldridge

JAMIE Carragher was wrong to spit at a Manchester United fan after he was goaded in his car on Saturday - but he should not be sacked Sky Sports over the incident.

I know what it is like to have someone throwing abuse at you both in person and on social media and let me tell you, it's very hard not to react at times.

It's very rare that you get shouted at in the streets these days, but it has happened to me with United and Everton fans in recent years and it's not nice.

I've also had a hell of a lot of abuse on Twitter in recent years and, on occasion, I have reacted, which is what these idiots want when they try and wind you up.

These social media losers are keyboard warriors, cowards who hide behind their fake Twitter name and they hate it when you block them and try to get them banned.

When the abuse is in your face and in a public forum it's even more annoying and for whatever reason, Carra has reacted and two people should carry some of the blame here.

There is no excuse for Jamie's behaviour, as he said himself in his interview yesterday, when he said that spitting at someone was "the lowest of the low".

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I have been spat at before and it's disgusting. I remember being spat at by Portugal defender Fernando Couto when I was playing for Ireland at Lansdowne Road in 1995 and I was tempted to smack him.

My response was to shout 'filha da puta' in his direction to suggest his mother was not the best and then I scored, celebrating right in his face to make my point.

Annoyingly, the goal was later taken off me and put down as an own goal from their keeper, but I still had my moment and Couto was suitably annoyed. The best revenge you can get for someone spitting at you as a player is getting your own back on the pitch, but this is obviously very different and Carragher must now be wondering why he did what he did in those fateful few seconds on Saturday.

He snapped, he lost it for a second. It doesn't look good on the video clip and if that was the only abuse he got to make him do that, it was a strange reaction, but you just don't know why he did it.

I'm sure he was annoyed that Liverpool had lost to United.

This is an emotional game and those of us who love our club hate losing to that lot, so he was probably in a bad mood. Once again, that is no excuse, but it probably contributed to the incident.

What happens next for Carragher is open to debate, with Sky's decision to suspend him yesterday giving everyone a few days to allow this storm to settle down before a rational decision can be made.

All I would say is we all deserve a second chance in life and Jamie has proved to be an outstanding TV analyst alongside Gary Neville since the two were put together by Sky.

I hope the duo get a chance to revive their partnership once this storm has blown over.

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