Sunday 25 August 2019

John Aldridge: 'Football journalists who voted for Raheem Sterling guilty of double standards on a grand scale'

Raheem Sterling has been labelled an ‘inspiration’ (Nigel French/PA)
Raheem Sterling has been labelled an ‘inspiration’ (Nigel French/PA)

John Aldridge

The Football Writers’ Association named Raheem Sterling as their Player of the Year on Monday and I think they got it badly wrong.

Sterling has done well this season, but the impact Virgil van Dijk’s had on Liverpool since arriving at the club in January, 2018, has been incredible. That is why I don’t have any doubt that he should be crowned as the best player in the Premier League.

I’m not surprised that the football journalists voted for Sterling because,  let’s be honest, a lot of those lads don’t know what they are talking about!

A few of them popped up on social media saying they voted for Sterling because he has been a great role model off the field, but they were not saying that when they were slagging him off not so long ago. Double standards on a grand scale.

You should pick the Player of the Year on who has had the biggest impact on the field and, if that is the criteria you are working with, then Virgil van Dijk wins the award comfortably.

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