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Jack Wilshere picks Samir Nasri, Ashley Cole and Cesc Fabregas in his dream XI... but not Mesut Ozil


Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere has neglected to pick several of his current and former teammates in his Dream XI - including the much maligned Mesut Ozil, suggesting that he doesn't rate the midfielder at all and very probably hates him with every inch of his giant lion's heart.

Forced to only pick eleven players, as per the rules of football - even dream football - Wilshere leaves out a plethora of stars he has shared the pitch with in scenes that will shock anyone who wants to read more into this video than is actually there.

In a video on the Arsenal YouTube channel, the outspoken number 10 battles severe tiredness and boredom to deliver a passionate piece to camera about why his team doesn't have Arsenal's record transfer signing Mesut Ozil in it but does have the traitorous Samir Nasri and Cesc Fabregas, who both selfishly left the club to further their own careers.

Watch below:

Even the groovy punk rock soundtrack can't disguise the lethargy and hatred in Wilshere's voice. It is truly disturbing.

Alexis Sanchez is there - even current teammate Laurent Koscielny made the cut - but the most shocking and notable absentee of all is Jack Wilshere.

Does he think there is no need for Jack Wilshere in a team this talented? Is he so bereft of confidence that he believes he does not deserve a starting place? Or are Jack Wilshere's dreams so vivid and real that on this occasion he was just unavailable for selection?

Perhaps the answer is more complicated - after all, Wilshere has elected to use a controversial 4-4-2 formation, not seen in regular use in the Premier League since the late 90s and best known for being the only formation that people from England are allowed to pick.

In this particular tactical setup, the industrious hard work of Alexis Sanchez behind a similarly battle ready Wayne Rooney would provide defences with a nightmare scenario.

Two highly talented strikers pressing high up the pitch and capable of punishing mistakes? No defence on earth would enjoy that.

When supported by the midfield talents of Steven Gerrard and Cesc Fabregas it gets even more dangerous but there's a problem - there's no width here, just no room for Ozil or Wilshere to do their thing in the centre of the park.

Thus, Cazorla and Nasri are necessary picks due to their positional fluidity; the ability to operate on both wings and in the middle crucial for Wilshere's brand of liquid football.

Will Mesut Ozil survive this latest damning appraisal of his talents? Only time will tell. Some people say that tough love is the best medicine, others say laughter. All we know for sure is that the best medicine is usually actual medicine.

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