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'I've good memories of him' - Mauricio Pochettino reveals he celebrated Solskjaer's Champions League final winner


Mauricio Pochettino is thought to be top of Manchester United’s shortlist (PA/Mike Egerton)

Mauricio Pochettino is thought to be top of Manchester United’s shortlist (PA/Mike Egerton)

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Mauricio Pochettino is thought to be top of Manchester United’s shortlist (PA/Mike Egerton)

Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino has revealed he cheered from the stands as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer scored Manchester United's winning goal in the 1999 Champions League final.

Pochettino will take on Solskjaer's United in an enticing Premier League game at Wembley on Sunday, with the favourite to take over as Old Trafford boss next summer doing his best to side-step questions on his future in his pre-match press conference.

Yet when asked about his memories of Solskjaer, Pochettino couldn't resist recalling his memories of one of the greatest moments in United's history.

"I have good memories of him," said Pochettino of Solskjaer. "I remember when he scored after 90 minutes at the Camp Nou, I was with Tony Jimenez in 1999. I remember him when he scored the second goal in the injury time and how I shouted the goal of Manchester United, that was unbelievable. We were neutral people watching a fantastic game. I have good memories of him.

"Now on Sunday we are going to meet at Wembley when 20 years ago I was shouting a goal that he scored for Manchester United and now we are going to play them at Wembley."

Pochettino also offered up positive words on Paul Pogba's qualities and clarified his suggestion that Tottenham need to change their ways if they are to take the next step of winning major trophies.

Comments from Pochettino urging Tottenham to change their ways if they want to convert their potential into genuine success raised question marks over his commitment to his current employer, with these comments designed to dampen down those rumours.

"When we talk about operating in a different way, it’s to create something different to try to help the club achieve everything it wants," he added.

"It doesn’t mean when operate it’s only asking for more money. It’s quick that all the people say when we need to operate in a different way it’s to operate with money. We need to create a way, because in the last four seasons and a half, we were adapting us to the project, to the club.

"For different reasons, because after nearly five years, always you need to refresh the project, to find a different way. Like in football you need to find a different way to play, a different way to surprise your opponents and motivate your players too and to propose different challenges.

"In that case when I say we need, we need to find a different way to operate, between all, sharing ideas and trying to find different ways to adapt, the new sporting project.

"Of course we’re going to be in a different club, because it’s not the same to play in Wembley for the last two years nearly.

"To play now in our new stadium, of course always you need to adapt and find different ways to operate. That doesn’t mean how we operate today is not right, but of course with time you need to innovate and find new ideas and always be open to try to improve. That is the challenge or the way that we do things."

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