Wednesday 29 January 2020

'It was worth a 120-match ban' - Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville share their Liverpool-United memories

Gary Neville
Gary Neville

Ahead of Manchester United's trip to Anfield on Monday night, Neville and Jamie Carragher have revisited some memorable memories from the iconic rivalry.

Appearing on Sky Sports, the duo discussed several incidents which they were involved in, such as Carragher's infamous tackle on Nani, Neville's controversial celebrations, and why they squared off in 2010.

Neville revealed the motivation behind his infamous celebration after Rio Ferdinand's late winner at Anfield in January 2006.

"To be fair, Liverpool had been singing songs about me all game so I thought 'they need to have a bit back don't they?' It was a last minute goal, unbelievable. I got fined £10,000 for that," he said.

Carragher then asked the former United right back whether it was worth it.

"Absolutely, it was worth a 120-match ban!" Neville replied.

"It was probably one of the best moments because we were struggling at the time, we hadn't won the league for three years and it just felt like one of the best moments we had in a couple of years.

"Every time we scored against Liverpool and it was a winner, and you knew it was a winner, I would celebrate. For me personally, that's what it's about. I think Steven Gerrard has celebrated in front of the United fans a few times, Robbie Fowler definitely did and you've just got to take it on the chin".

Both men played down the incident in 2010 where they squared off shortly before Javier Mascherano received his marching orders.

Carragher explained that Neville was trying to convince the referee to show the Argentine a red card, and the former Reds defender was merely trying to stop his fellow pundit from reaching the ref.

"That was a pretty regular happening in Liverpool v United games, players moving each other away from the referee" Neville agreed.

Carragher admitted he should have been sent off for a poor tackle on Nani in March 2011, but that he convinced the referee not to dismiss him.

Carragher also denied he deliberately set out to hurt Nani, and explained the tackle from his perspective.

"What happened was that someone got injured so I went from centre-back to right-back and as soon as that happened, Alex Ferguson put Nani to the left wing straight away," he said.

"So I'm thinking 'I'm either going to get tight, I'm going to tackle him or I'm going to foul him. There's no way I'm letting him get the ball and run at me'. So I've got there and the ball did jump up at me, I went for it and it just disappeared so I caught him on the shin".

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