Saturday 25 January 2020

'I'd be amazed if he told whoppers' - John Giles backs Harry Kane over 'goal' but he doesn't understand the 'hullabaloo' Newsdesk Newsdesk

John Giles has backed Harry Kane after the English striker was awarded the second goal in their victory over Stoke on Saturday by the Premier League's goal accreditation appeals panel.

The Irish football legend was bemused at the attention the incident has received, with a number of current and former players, including Premier League top goalscorer Mohammad Salah expressing their surprise that the goal was credited to Kane.

The Spurs man, who has won the golden boot for the two previous seasons, is now second with 25, four behind Salah, having claimed Eriksen’s shot clipped his shoulder for the winning goal.

"I'm amazed at the importance of it." Giles told Off The Ball on Newstalk.

"What you want is the team doing well regardless of a personal situation. I'm a bit old-fashioned in that way.

"If you see the replays of the goal it is very hard to know but what I would be amazed at would be if Harry Kane didn't tell the truth.

"I think he's a decent lad, he's no show-off and if he told me he got a little touch on it, I'd believe him.

"I'd be amazed if he told whoppers over making contact with the ball. Only the player would know if he got a little brush on the ball but I'm amazed that there is so much publicity about it."

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