Sunday 20 October 2019

'I can assure you that's absolute garbage' - Jamie Carragher defends Raheem Sterling after alleged racist abuse

Raheem Sterling (Adam Davy/PA)
Raheem Sterling (Adam Davy/PA)

Jamie Carragher has launched a passionate defence of Raheem Sterling after the Man City star was subjected to alleged racist abuse at Stamford Bridge last weekend.

Footage emerged of a number of supporters shouting at Sterling during the 2-0 defeat to Chelsea, with the club now investigating whether or not the abuse was racist in nature.

Sterling subsequently posted on social media addressing how the media portrays black footballers, comparing the difference in how a young black player and a young white player were covered in the media after buying houses for their mothers.

Speaking on Monday Night Football on Sky Sports, Carragher, who was a team-mate of Sterling's at Liverpool, said that the perception that the England international is only concerned by money is 'absolute garbage'.

"What is the perception of Raheem Sterling in this country for the majority of people who buy papers or read stuff online?," Carragher asked.

"The perception is of a young, flash, black kid from London. I think a lot of it comes from that he moved on from Liverpool, the perception that he is more interested in cars and nightclubs more than his actual football. Anyone reading that, anyone writing that, I can assure you that is absolute garbage.

"Raheem Sterling is a mouse - I can't even remember speaking to him at Liverpool. He was so quiet, he got on with his training. He wasn't loud in the dressing room. He wasn't late, he wasn't going on nights out. He was just a young kid who was very humble.

Carragher was then asked whether the regular coverage of Sterling's life style has 'racist undertones', and the Sky pundit said that he thinks it does.

"I think there is no doubt about that," he added.

"The debate now is whether the stuff in the media and online racial. I think the undertone of racism is there."

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