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Hull's David Meyler: Alan Pardew headbutt is history


David Meyler of Hull City pushes Alan Pardew, manager of Newcastle United

David Meyler of Hull City pushes Alan Pardew, manager of Newcastle United

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David Meyler of Hull City pushes Alan Pardew, manager of Newcastle United

As Alan Pardew prepares to enter the cauldron of St James' Park today, the man he headbutted in March has spoken for the first time about that clash - but he is not among those calling for the Newcastle United manager to lose his job.

Hull City's David Meyler was trying to grab the ball from the Newcastle dugout at the KC Stadium when Pardew struck him with his head. The Newcastle manager, facing a major rebellion today, was banned for seven games and fined £160,000 by his employers at Newcastle and the Football Association.

Ireland midfielder Meyler, who visits Newcastle with Hull today, said of the incident: "Of course I was surprised. It's all done and dusted; he apologised and that's it.

"The FA dealt with it and Newcastle did too. He served his ban and he was fined heavily. He will be annoyed with himself. He apologised straight away."

Meyler credits his GAA upbringing for keeping a lid on a situation that could have become far worse.


"I come from a big GAA background," he said. "I played a lot of hurling and Gaelic football growing up and you used to get belted as a kid all the time. That's just the way it was. I used to live and breathe that. You'd go home and your hands would be cut, your legs would be cut.

"What's the point of dwelling on it? I was disappointed we'd lost the game to them 4-1. That (the headbutt) was the last thing on my mind. I was more worried about that than the incident itself.

"I flew home with my father and we never spoke about it once. We spoke about the game. You've got to move on. You can't keep thinking about it. I had to make sure I was prepared to represent Ireland. Everybody was ringing me, saying 'What happened, what happened?'.

"If we're trailing 1-0 and we need to go and get the ball, it doesn't matter which one of them has it, I will go and get the ball because I want to win. We'll just shake hands and that's it."

Pardew will face a demonstration of Newcastle supporters armed with 30,000 A4 cards today.

But when Meyler - speaking ahead of the launch of the game Fifa 15 - was asked if he wanted to see the Newcastle manager sacked as a form of revenge, he said: "No." (©Independent News Service)

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