Friday 24 November 2017

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(His former manager at Bayern Munich)

"I was about to drive away from the training ground with another Bayern player when I heard voices out on one of the pitches. Trap was still out there. We had a fringe player, a good lad, but it was pretty clear that he wasn't going to break through at Bayern.

"Trap, one of the greatest coaches in the world, had this lad out there doing extra work one-on-one, working on his weaker left foot. We knew that the lad wouldn't make it with the team. Trap knew it too, but he would work with this player on his left foot. His interest was not in his own personal gain, but in trying to help the player because he thought that was the right thing to do."



(Ex Man City team-mate)

"Otter (Ireland's nickname) came over and sat with me. "I've been thinking, Kaiser," he said, 'Do you think I should retire from international football?'

"This was a funny one, the very idea of a 22-year-old who had played six games for his country thinking about retirement.

"I asked him why he was thinking that way and he came clean. 'You see, I don't like staying away from home,' he said, as if his parents had banished him to a brutal boarding school.

"So, was that the real issue that he was hiding behind his death-defying grannies?"

Sven-Goran Eriksson

(Ex-Man City manager)

"During our time in Thailand, he never changed his demeanour at all. One morning, I was on a sun-lounger by the pool when I saw Sven walking towards me carrying a silver tray with a bottle of champagne and two glasses on it.

"It was 10.0 in the morning. I looked up and said: 'Boss, what are we celebrating?'

He turned to me and smiled that gentle smile of his and took on the air of a Buddhist philosopher and said: 'Life, Kaiser, we are celebrating life.'

"He took a deep breath, then he spoke in that higgledy-piggledy Swedish accent. 'I like this place. I think I will manage for another five years and come back here and live with two beautiful women.

'Yes, I think I need two beautiful women.'"

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