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Fergie vows to end Rooney saga

Sir Alex Ferguson has revealed he has a meeting with Manchester United chief executive David Gill at 10am Thursday morning to discuss Wayne Rooney's outspoken attack against the club.

Rooney confirmed his intention to quit Old Trafford in a statement on Wednesday night, claiming a lack of investment in the first-team squad was the prime reason for his decision. Ferguson has dismissed a suggestion that he might suspend the 24-year-old, who missed Wednesday night's 1-0 win over Bursaspor with an ankle injury.

But Rooney's comments have created a stir the United boss is anxious to sort out, and he said: "We don't want it to become a saga. We have the team to consider. We will put it to bed on Thursday."

He added: "I have not read all the statement but we will consider it on Thursday.

"David Gill and I have a meeting at 10am. David has spoken to the owners on Wednesday night, which is important. It is really important for us to put it to bed.

"I am manager of a club that is trying to win a game on Sunday against Stoke City.

"That is the most important thing. The rest is a bagatelle."

Ferguson did show signs of being rattled by four days of intense debate around Rooney's career, which first erupted on Sunday morning.

"I am not going on with this all night. Stop it now," he said. "It is a European game. You have had plenty on Tuesday. I am concentrating on the game. Failing that, forget it."

Asked about the possibility of suspending Rooney, he replied: "What kind of imagination have you got?"

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