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Eamon Dunphy says Liverpool are becoming a mid-table club


Outspoken pundit Eamon Dunphy reckons Liverpool are fast becoming a mid-table side.

Last year's Premier League runners up have endured a pretty torrid season and it just seems to get worse as their best players stall on new contract deals.

Last week it emerged that Raheem Sterling 8is involved in a contract stand-off while Jordan Henderson is rumoured to have turned down a new deal at Anfield also.

The news has prompted top clubs in England to monitor the situation and Dunphy now says that Liverpool are a selling club.

"They have American owners who don't believe in splashing the cash so I think it's a tough job," he told RTÉ Sport.

"[Brendan Rodgers] has done it quite well, you can argue either way, but it looks to me like Liverpool's fate is to now become a club in mid-table that sells its best players and won't really go to war in the summer, in the way that Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea will to buy in big talent.

"Liverpool's a great club but in those circumstances it's tough for the fans and it's tough for the coach.

"It's diffcult for Liverpool to come to terms with their status in the game now. They are a big big club, it's a big big brand. It's a great club. I love their fans, their history.

"Liverpool is one of the great football clubs in the world but it just doesn't have the [financial] muscle or the talent at the moment to contend.

"You can only see Manchester United going one way, which is forward, but you can't see Liverpool going forward on the same trajectory."

And it's not just the players who are in danger of jumping ship on Merseyside as Dunphy suggests the Kop will do well to hold on o manager Brendan Rodgers.

"He's being talked about as a possible Manchester City mannager when Pellegrini goes," said Dunphy.

"I think, on the whole, he's done a good job at Liverpool in almost impossible circumstances. With Suarez leaving, Sturridge being injured for such a long time and Gerrard more or less at the end of his career, he's kept the show on the road.

"They almost won the Premier League last year and I think the guy has ability and is a good coach.

"But if he were to lose another [star] player, and Sterling is the most obvious one, then where would he be?"

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