Wednesday 23 January 2019

Eamon Dunphy fires Twitter warning to Ireland youngster Declan Rice

Declan Rice of West Ham United
Declan Rice of West Ham United

Eamon Dunphy has warned Ireland youngster Declan Rice to iron out any issues he has with his West Ham manager David Moyes in the dressing room and not on social media.

Moyes was critical of the 19-year-old after his error gifted Arsenal their second goal in the Gunners' 4-1 win over West Ham on Saturday. With just 10 minutes remaining and the scores locked at 1-1, Rice failed to deal with a cross and Aaron Ramsay got Arsenal's crucial second.

Rice's error drew the ire of Moyes, who said: "The young centre-half should head the ball away and it wouldn't have even got to 2-1, it was that easy. Why he would duck in the box I've got no idea..

"But look, we've all been young players going into games and we're always going to make mistakes. The most important thing is you learn from your mistakes, you don't do it again and you understand how important it is.

"Even if Joe Hart did shout, any centre-half - and I was one of them - can never let the ball go. The ball is in the middle of your goal and you are probably only six yards from your goal.

"You can never let the ball go. You deal with it and you argue about it afterwards. The rules for any centre-half have always been, 'I'm going to head it clear first and talk to you after'. We are distraught for the team because I thought the team's efforts were incredible. We've had good results and I think today we were going a long way to getting a good result."

Rice then took to Twitter to say: "I'm young.. I'll make mistakes.. it's all a leaning process to get to the top. thank you too the fans again who were brilliant❤⚒ ready to bounce back next week."

Speaking on Game on on RTE on Monday, Dunphy warned Rice to keep anything that goes on between himself and Moyes in the dressing room.

"It was very unlike David Moyes – he's not really like that and I can't remember him publicly criticising a player before," said Dunphy..

"Certainly, Declan Rice should get off Twitter because anything that goes on between himself and his coach should stay within the dressing room – you don't need to go public like he did.

"He's a very good, young player. Young players make mistakes and you have to put your hand up sometimes. David Moyes is a good guy, he's not some fool, and he was clearly angry.

"He shouldn't have had a go at the kid, but the kid should keep quiet and get on with his work. It's one mistake, he'll learn.

"If you're on Twitter answering your coach, then you're on the wrong side of where you should be. If Moyes has a problem with his attitude, then there's probably something wrong with his attitude."

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