Sunday 20 January 2019

Eamon Dunphy brands Jose Mourinho a 'no class tramp' in blistering attack on Manchester United boss

Jose Mourinho and (inset) Eamon Dunphy
Jose Mourinho and (inset) Eamon Dunphy

Eamon Dunphy has labelled Jose Mourinho a "tramp" in a blistering attack on the Manchester United boss.

Mourinho will lock horns with old foe Arsene Wenger for the last time at Old Trafford tomorrow with the United boss this week admitting he has treated Wenger harshly over the years.

The Old Trafford boss went as far as to say he would like to be friends with Wenger when he steps down as Arsenal manager at the end of this season while for his part, Wenger says he has always respected the Portuguese.

But Dunphy reckons that the kind words from both camps this week mean little.

"Mourinho is a no class individual," said Dunphy on 2FM's Game On last night.

"Whatever you say about Arsene Wenger, he has a bit of French (class), a bit of Gallic. He is a very intense man and I think he will probably feel the same contempt for Mourinho as a person that we all feel.

"They will go through the motions perhaps. I think Mourinho's press conference today spoke very highly of Wenger but that's just sentiment. Mourinho's behaviour has been appalling, not just with Wenger but with everyone, particularly Wenger.

"He has said some very cruel things which he considers to be gamesmanship but I consider to be disgusting really. He is a tramp, Mourinho, to be truthful."

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Wenger has claimed that he wants a "peaceful" ending tomorrow to one of the Premier League's most intense feuds.

Their rivalry has spanned three managerial jobs for Mourinho but the lingering presence of Wenger - and the plaudits he has received - has seemed always to irritate the Manchester United manager and there have been spectacular verbal clashes.

It even got physical at Stamford Bridge four years ago when Wenger shoved Mourinho, but the Portuguese delivered an unexpectedly warm tribute following the news that Wenger was leaving Arsenal.

"If he respects me even 50pc of what I respect him, we can even be friends in the future," he said.

Wenger looked bemused when asked yesterday if he could be friends with Mourinho, eventually saying "it depends", but was also far more willing than usual to praise his rival's achievements.

"I respect him a lot," said Wenger. "You should give me a little bit of peace for my final weeks, don't push me into a final confrontation. I want to go peacefully. Mourinho is a great manager."

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