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Doyle urges fans to keep faith

IRELAND striker Kevin Doyle insists the Wolves players are hurting as much as the supporters about their current plight as they look to pull off a major upset against Manchester United at Molineux today.

With Wolves in the bottom three, the unrest of the fans has boiled over with post-match demonstrations after the games with West Brom and Blackburn. However, Doyle believes Wolves should take heart from the example of Swansea, in defeating Manchester City, and their own defeat of United last season.

"The players feel it just like the fans do and we don't just forget about a game after we've lost," said Doyle. "It's our job and our profession, our life really, and when it's not going well you can't just go home and forget about it.

"It is great as a footballer when things are going well and the opposite when they are not, and it's up to us to put things right. We're just as frustrated as the fans are and all we can do is the right things as much as possible.

"We have been working hard all season even though sometimes results might not bear that out. We need everyone's support as much as we can because anything we can get to go in our favour will help."

Doyle believes Wolves will relish being underdogs against Alex Ferguson's side. He also knows the need for Wolves to improve their home form -- they have been without a win at Molineux since overcoming Sunderland in early December.

"We need to respond to recent results and do something to lift the place at home. It's been a long time since we had a result at Molineux so why not do it against the champions?

"Our results have been terrible at home recently and sometimes the most unlikely results are the ones which happen. There is a lot of pressure on us at the moment but no one will expect us to get anything (today).

"We can just go out, get the place rocking, and try and get off to a good start. We'll need to keep things tight but we'll need everyone behind us and try and get something.

"I can't see anyone in the bottom four or five putting a run together of wins and get out of it. If we don't win this week, we can win next week. That's what we as players will be telling ourselves.

"We still believe we can get out of trouble and it remains very tight down there, but we have experienced this before. Everyone just wants to put in a good performance because we haven't had one at home for a while."

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