Friday 23 March 2018

Comment: Is injury-plagued Jack Wilshere worth the hassle for Arsenal?

Jack Wilshere imust deal with yet more injury heartache
Jack Wilshere imust deal with yet more injury heartache
Kevin Palmer

Kevin Palmer

It hardly comes as a surprise when one of Arsenal's star names suffer a setback in their recovery from a minor injury, yet that scenario now seems to be inevitable when the player in question is Jack Wilshere.

As Arsenal confirmed that Wilshere is set to have a metal rod inserted into the leg he suffered a hairline fracture in a few weeks ago, his latest residency in the treatment room became public knowledge.

Numerous injuries to both of his ankles, his hamstrings, both knees and both feet have blighted Wilshere's career so far and now he is set to go back under the surgeon’s knife once again.

When will this bad luck story end for Wilshere and Arsenal or is there more to this sorry tale than just an absence of fortune?

It may be that the latter is true as this footballer does not seem to have the ability to compete at the highest level without his body letting him down.

As has tended to be the plot line with a Wilshere injury, Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger suggested that his 23-year-old No.10 had suffered a minor setback in his latest comeback attempt just a few days ago.

Now, somewhat inevitably, that minor setback has turned out to be much more serious for this youthful crock, who was named in Arsenal's most injured XI of this century by Sky Sports last week:

Arsenal injuries.png

A little over seven years have passed since Jack Wilshere made his Arsenal first debut and in that time, the Gunners have played 268 Premier League games.

Wilshere, for one reason or another, has appeared in just 100 of those fixtures. It is a painfully miserable tale of woe.

On a day when another of his 'minor' knocks turned into a fully blown injury nightmare, questions over his long-term future in the game will be raised again and yet he continues to receive the full backing of his manager.

Wenger stressed earlier this year that he has no concerns over Wilshere's long-term ability to perform at the highest level of the game, as he insisted his physical frailties would not hampered his hopes of becoming a star for club and country.

"When young players have problems with injuries, they can come back and be stronger than ever," argued Wenger.

"Older players can struggle a little to get back to their best, but I have never had any concerns about Jack and he always comes back with the same hunger and desire."

With Danny Welbeck also out for the rest of 2015 with what was initially diagnosed by the Arsenal boss as a minor injury, Arsenal's latest push for trophies is in danger of being derailed by fitness setbacks, with question marks over the Gunners medical staff are bound to be raised once more after this latest incident.

Yet that debate is for another day as this latest news is a hammer blow for one of English soccer’s shining stars.

It seems that Wilshere, tragically, is destined to become one of those players who simply cannot stay fit for more than a month or two.

There may soon come a point in the not too distant future when Arsenal need to decide whether this gifted young player is worth the hassle his presence guarantees.

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