Wednesday 21 August 2019

Robbie Savage responds to John Terry's dismissal of his footballing expertise on Twitter

John Terry has no time for Robbie Savage's criticisms
John Terry has no time for Robbie Savage's criticisms Newsdesk Newsdesk

John Terry has questioned Robbie Savage's right to question his form by claiming his own playing career strips of him any credibility as a pundit.

Terry was asked for his response to recent criticism from media pundits, including the former Wales international, which focused on his poor performances this season.

The Chelsea captain has endured a tough campaign, being taken off at half-time in a 3-0 defeat at Manchester City, dropped from the starting XI entirely and then struggling to find form once he was restored to the team.

He is expected to play in a crucial Champions League tie against Dynamo Kiev tomorrow, but insisted jibes from pundits had not taken any toll - especially those from Savage.

He said: "I've come in for criticism from certain players and individuals. players I've looked up to and played alongside. I've taken that on the chin: Rio, Carra, Neville, the very best I've come up against in the game.

"I take that on the chin. When others speak, maybe I don't take it on he chin. When players have not had a career, played at a really bad level in their career ... Robbie Savage being one.

"He's dug me out a couple of times. You take it as a footballer, as an individual. I'll take it from the Rios, Carraghers and Neville. All day long. From others? No."

The BT Sport commentator has since taken to Twitter after Terry dismissed Savage's acumen as a pundit.

Terry also dismissed claims of dressing room unrest against Jose Mourinho, and said any player who said they would rather lose than win under Mourinho would be met with a ferocious reaction from his teammates.

He added: “In my whole football career I’ve never heard a player come out with those words. In my whole career. Whether it’s been going bad or really bad.

"It’s ridiculous I have to sit here and talk about it. I’ve seen players’ faces with the disappointment after results, the feeling we’ve let down the club, manager and fans.

“The player wouldn’t be let out of the dressing room. It wouldn’t go down too well, would it?”

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