Sunday 17 November 2019

Gary Neville hits back at Antonio Conte and then rips into his Chelsea players once again

Gary Neville (inset) has criticised Chelsea again
Gary Neville (inset) has criticised Chelsea again
Kevin Palmer

Kevin Palmer

GARY Neville has snapped back at Chelsea manager Antonio Conte’s suggestions that he is a ‘stupid’ pundit after he accused the outgoing Premier League champions of turning in an ‘embarrassing’ performance in their 1-0 defeat at Manchester City on Sunday.

The Sky Sports pundits were highly critical of the Chelsea players in their performance at the Etihad Stadium, with Conte offering these comments when informed of the comments from Neville and his fellow analysts.

“The pundit has to use the head to understand when you speak about tactics,” said the Italian. “I think you must have knowledge to speak about tactics and not only to speak in a stupid way.”

Neville paid tribute to Conte as he was asked to respond to those snipes from the Blues boss, but he was scathing in his assessment of the Chelsea players once again.

“I don’t use the words ‘embarrassing’ or ‘unacceptable’ lightly. I’ve had to use it in the last week twice on co-commentary,” said Neville, who was also critical of Arsenal as they lost in the Carabao Cup final to Manchester City at Wembley.

“I went quiet on co-commentary for two or three minutes (in the Man City v Chelsea game). Martin Tyler will tell you I don’t do that often, but I had to go quiet as I had to reflect on what I was seeing. To be honest with you, it disgusts me.

“The first bit is a bit tactical for a bit of belief. I agree about not taking the ball, not getting on the half-turn as Man City are a great pressing side, but I can’t relate to it, in any way shape or form for the best players and teams in the world.

“City are the best team in the Premier League by a mile. When they give the ball away, they react. When they win the ball back, everything is quick and at top-speed. They won a cup final last Sunday and they came out on Thursday and they are at it again. There’s no rest. These Chelsea players took a day off. They took a rest.”

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