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Celtic boost as Watt signs long-term deal

Tony Watt declared he has so much more to fulfil in his career than his crucial strike against Barcelona after signing a long-term contract with Celtic.

The 18-year-old has committed himself to the club until summer 2016 after his decisive goal in the 2-1 Champions League win over the Catalans last week helped move negotiations along.

The composed finish was far from the only evidence that Watt could have a major long-term impact at Celtic Park, but it has heightened interest in the forward, who signed from Airdrie last year in a deal worth about £80,000.

However, the teenager does not appear to be in danger of losing his grounded approach.

"Everybody is stopping and talking to me and saying 'well done' for the Barcelona match," Watt said. "Ever since then I've been happy. I've just taken it in my stride.

"I can't dwell on it. It will be a good memory for the rest of my life, but I just need to get on with the rest of my season.

"You don't want to go about bragging about it. You don't want to let it get in your head and start thinking you are better than what you are. It's a goal, but I have got a lot more to do in my career."

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