Monday 18 November 2019

Carver accuses own player of getting sent off on purpose

Newcastle manager John Carver watched his side crash to a 3-0 defeat against Leicester
Newcastle manager John Carver watched his side crash to a 3-0 defeat against Leicester

Dion Fanning

Newcastle United manager John Carver last night accused his own player of being deliberately sent off, questioned the commitment of several other members of his side which he described as a “soft touch”, agreed with supporters who called Newcastle gutless and spineless and, perhaps not surprisingly, admitted it would be hard for him to motivate the side for the remaining games this season.

Carver’s Newcastle side are in a relegation battle after yesterday’s 3-0 defeat at the King Power Stadium when they were outplayed by a Leicester City team which possesses everything a team needs in a relegation battle, everything Newcastle don’t have. It was their eighth defeat in a row.

Mike Williamson was sent off for a tackle on Jamie Vardy and Carver said he felt the defender did it on purpose.

“I thought he meant it,” claimed the manager. “When I was standing in that technical area and the ball went out to that left-hand side, after already having a caution, my first reaction, five yards before he made that tackle was, ‘don’t do it’. And he did it. I think Vardy was off the pitch, I think Willo’s off the pitch, the ball was off the pitch, there was no need to do it, and I’m not accepting that. Especially the situation we’re in.”

Carver said he didn’t know why the player would get himself sent off deliberately but went on to question the rest of the side, making an exception of Jack Colback.

“What I can’t do is give the players desire to go and get a broken nose, a cut on the eye trying to head the ball. I can’t give anybody that,” he said. “I wish I was on there because I would do that. So I can’t affect when we’re marking at set plays, if you’re not prepared to get on it.

“We’re a soft touch. When the ball comes in the box we’re not prepared to actually put our heads on it, and that’s probably what happened to the two guys [who got sent off] in the second half, because I must have wound them up too much.”

Carver was asked how he felt the players would take his criticism.

“Grow up and take it on the chin. If you don’t grow up and take it on the chin, go and hide behind the post,” he said.

When it was put to him that it would be a long coach ride home with the manager now at war with his players, he insisted it wouldn’t be. “Well, not really, because we’re getting a bus to the airport and flying home,” he said.

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