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Brendan Rodgers is wrong - former Liverpool players generally support under-fire manager


Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers was left frustrated after a 1-1 draw at home to Norwich.

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers was left frustrated after a 1-1 draw at home to Norwich.

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers was left frustrated after a 1-1 draw at home to Norwich.

Brendan Rodgers complained over the weekend of a “frenzied” campaign to force him out of Anfield, stating that he thought the pressure at Liverpool was greater than at any other club.

Although he did not name names, it is widely believed that his comments were directed at former Liverpool players who he believed had been unfairly outspoken in their criticism of the current manager in particular after disappointing results against Norwich and Carlisle.

There are more than 30 former Liverpool players working in the mainstream media as pundits, the majority of whom have in recent weeks given their thoughts on the under-fire Northern Irishman.

It turns out that on the whole, those players are generally supportive of Rodgers and want the club to stick with him for the time being, believing that continuity is the most important thing. There are some who are more critical, but for the most part they think he needs more time.

Here is a look at some quotes from recent weeks from a selection of those Liverpool players-turned-pundits:

Jamie Carragher

"They decided to give him the benefit of the doubt at the start of the summer. If you give him that much money, then after eight or nine games why make the change?

Graeme Souness after the Man Utd game

“It was square pegs in round holes. It just didn’t work. Liverpool had players who didn’t look like they were enjoying their football.”

Steven Gerrard

“I was seriously concerned that we thought we could blow Chelsea away. I sensed an over-confidence in Brendan’s team talks. We played into Chelsea’s hands. I feared it then and I know it now.”

Phil Thompson

"I believe he deserves more time. You can't let the man spend all that money and bring all those players in and then five, six or seven games in he has to move on. That decision can only be determined on results and he has to turn round the flow. The bells will be ringing by Christmas time if fortunes have not turned round. Results have to pick up.”

Jamie Redknapp

"Brendan Rodgers is under pressure and there are problems in that team. They are fragile at the back and I still feel they lack a creative central midfielder. But Rodgers has to be the man to try and solve those issues. There is no sense in sacking a manager so soon in a season.”

Steve McManaman

“I don’t know whether Brendan knows his strongest eleven. As long as he knows that, only then are Liverpool going to move forward”

Michael Owen

“Liverpool are still searching for that spark”

Mark Lawrenson

“Liverpool played like a collection of people who’d just met each other in the car park before the game. Rodgers is under pressure for his job because he has not won for six games and spent many millions in the transfer market in the summer - that's life"

Stan Collymore

“I believe Liverpool should have patience with Brendan Rodgers. He is a very good coach, he has a proven track record of promoting youth, developing youth and giving them an opportunity. He took Liverpool to two semi-finals this season and they were within a whisker of winning the Premier League title for the first time ever last season. So, for me, Brendan Rodgers is the right man.'

Danny Murphy

“The recruitment at Liverpool has killed Brendan. I think he’s taken the backlash for the owners and the transfer committee. Yes, he has a say, but I’m sure there are other times where he’s told, ‘no you can’t have him’. Signings this summer were better than last summer, and he’s got enough in that squad to compete for the top four. Let’s see how it is at Christmas”

Didi Hamann

“Simply you have to stick with the manager now because if you wanted to change you should have done it in the summer, not after five games”

John Aldridge

“You want continuity. The longer you keep a manager, the better nick your club is going to be in, so let’s hope he can turn it around. It is going to be hard for him, but it’s been done before”

Steve Nicol

“He [Rodgers] is the one who spent £300 million and the fact is they haven’t been good enough this year. Everything is down to him at the end of the day. When you’re losing you get the blame. I think the people upstairs are already looking for someone else”

Jim Beglin

“He [Rodgers] is under intense pressure now. Understandable if the club’s in touch with Ancelotti and/or Klopp”

Ray Houghton

“At the moment the team is changing every week, Brendan is changing the balance of the team every game, so what Liverpool need is a bit of consistency.

Ian Rush

"I don't think there's any pressure on Brendan. The job is to get it right.”

John Barnes

“I’m hoping Liverpool fans will stick with Brendan, stick with the team, and support them. We haven’t got an alternative because changing Brendan at this time or even before Christmas I don’t believe is a sensible option or will achieve anything”

Ian St John said that Liverpool were playing in a way that made him confident that good results would come soon enough.