Saturday 21 September 2019

Big prize money up for grabs for clubs on the final weekend of the Premier League season

Manchester City celebrate their Premier League title.
Manchester City celebrate their Premier League title.
Kevin Palmer

Kevin Palmer

Huge cash sums are up for grabs in the final weekend of the Premier League season, with as much as £12m on offer for clubs who can secure a big leap up the table in the final round of matches.

The Premier League awards £420m prize money across the 20 clubs at the end of the season, with each Premier League place is worth £2m depending on how high a team finishes.

Manchester City are guaranteed £40m for their storming success in winning the Premier League and Manchester United will collect £38m for their second-place finish, with some of the other positions in the table also confirmed with a game to spare.

Arsenal will collect £30m for their sixth-place finish, while Burnley are assured of £28m in prize money after their seventh place finish sealed their passage to next season’s Europa League.

Yet it is lower down the table that the big money is there to be played for this weekend, with Newcastle, Crystal Palace, Bournemouth and Watford all battling it out for as much as £10m as they target a 10th place finish.

Brighton could finish anywhere between 10th and 16th place on the final day of the season, which would be a swing of £12m for Chris Hughton’s side, while West Ham playing for a similar sum of cash in their last match against Everton.

Even the sides already relegated could secure a cash bonus to offer some consolation for their miserable seasons, with West Bromwich Albion, Stoke and Swansea all eager to avoid finishing bottom of the table to secure the £20m on offer to the side collecting the wooden spoon.

All Premier League clubs are assured of an £84.4m slice from the lucrative television deal that started this season, with champions City set to secure over £150m when their prize money and television fees are finalised.

The three relegated clubs will receive in excess of £100m, with the £2m-a-place cash pot attracting the attention of the men controlling the purse strings at Premier League clubs this weekend.

The prize money on offer bolsters the already healthy financial position of Premier League clubs, with the contrast to clubs in Scotland evident as champions Celtic will collect just £3.18m in prize money for their title success this season.

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