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Barton defiant as lengthy ban looms

Joey Barton could be hit with a 10-game suspension by the Football Association after being sent off for clashing with Carlos Tevez during Queens Park Rangers' defeat at Manchester City.

Barton, dismissed by referee Mike Dean for appearing to elbow Tevez in the 56th minute of QPR's 3-2 defeat, then kneed Sergio Aguero in the buttock and attempted to head-butt City captain Vincent Kompany after reacting angrily to receiving a red card.

With the former City midfielder already facing a four-match ban for the sending off as it being his second of the campaign, his subsequent clashes with Aguero and Kompany, plus his delayed departure from the pitch and subsequent comments on Twitter about the incident, could all be acted upon separately by the FA.

Despite the furore caused by actions, however, Barton showed little remorse in his post-match tweets.

He tweeted: "Can do nothing but apologise to the players and the fans. Still don't think its a sending off. Tried to take 1 of their players with me....

"Still not my proudest moment but who gives a f***, we are safe..........and that is all that matters.

"The head was never gone at any stage, once I'd been sent off, one of our players suggested I should try to take 1 of theirs with me..."

Barton was condemned by QPR manager Mark Hughes, whose side avoided relegation despite the defeat, after the game. Hughes said: "We were disappointed we lost Joey to a sending-off which shouldn't have happened, but that's the only negative on an otherwise fantastic day for QPR.

"He should have been sent off, without a shadow of a doubt. Absolutely. I haven't seen the incident and I haven't spoken to Joey, but people who saw it were saying he had to go. I understand there will be a lot of comments about what happened with Joey and his behaviour, but please forgive me -- I'd rather just concentrate on what we did." (© Daily Telegraph, London)

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