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An apology for a season

Roy Hodgson

August 23

Liverpool lose 3-0 at Manchester City in the Premier League -- "I thought Manchester City played very solidly and strongly throughout. They were very strong physically, they took charge of the game and we were always fighting to get back into it so you just have to accept they were better, man to man."

September 22

League Two Northampton win Carling Cup penalty shoot-out at Anfield -- "All I can do is congratulate Northampton and apologise to everyone; the fans came expecting to see us win and I expected us to win but it wasn't to be."

Milan Jovanovic

September 22

"(It was a) catastrophe. I am so disappointed. What can I say? It was a very difficult night for me, for all the players and the team. Of course we feel sorry for the fans."

Steven Gerrard

September 24

"No one is hurting more than the players who played. We've all been there and all experienced it."

Jamie Carragher

September 30

FC Utrecht hold Liverpool 0-0 in the Europa League -- "We are bedding in a few new players and the manager is trying to get new ideas on board. We have only just started and there is a long season to go."

Dirk Kuyt

October 3

Newly promoted Blackpool can hardly believe their 2-1 win at Anfield -- "It was really, really disappointing. It's probably one of the hardest defeats I've had to take since I've been here and we're sorry for the fans."

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