Saturday 20 January 2018

€13.7m per Premier League match – the staggering new TV deal by numbers

The new deal will be worth just under €7bn to the Premier League clubs.
The new deal will be worth just under €7bn to the Premier League clubs.

Here is a breakdown of the incredible €6.9bn Premier League deal with Sky Sports and BT.


£5.136billion (€6.9bn) will be paid for television rights to show 504 Premier League games from 2016 to 2019.


Each match will cost the broadcasters £10.2million per match (€13.7m) or around £113,000 per minute.


The importance of Premier League football to Sky is shown by the fact it will pay £4.176billion for five of the seven packages for the 2016-19 seasons, up 82pc.


BT Sport will pay £960million (€1.3bn) for two packages, up 30pc.

€133m for relegation side

Last year the top club in the Premier League earned £95million and bottom-side Cardiff £62million. If the overseas TV rights increase by the same percentage as the UK rights then the bottom club will earn around £99million a season and the top club a whopping £156million.

Hull City on par with Milan

The new deal will further widen the gap between the Premier League and Europe, and the top flight and the Championship. Last season Hull City earned the same as Inter Milan in domestic TV money, twice the amount of Atletico Madrid and Bayern Munich, and almost three times the sum earned by Monaco.

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