Monday 26 February 2018

Premier League managers in favour of video aid for referees

The Premier League has embraced video technology with decisions for whether the ball crossed the line
The Premier League has embraced video technology with decisions for whether the ball crossed the line

Premier League managers have welcomed proposals to bring in video assistance for referees.

The International Football Association Board will meet in Cardiff on Saturday when the game's rulemakers are set to vote on whether to give the green light to live video trials to aid match officials.

Other issues up for discussion are sin bins, as well as the possibility of allowing a fourth substitute during extra-time in knock-out matches.

The trials, which could take place in the FA Cup next season, would allow referees to call on video assistance to help determine four categories of game-changing moments - goals scored, red cards, penalties and mistaken identity.

Governing bodies such as the Football Association have welcomed the idea, as has new FIFA president Gianni Infantino, although they have all said the use of the technology must not disrupt the flow of the game.

Manager of Premier League leaders Leicester Claudio Ranieri believes the changes should be embraced.

He said: "I think the technology helps everybody - players, managers, referees.

"Also when people are watching the matches and the ex-players explain the movements, it makes it more interesting. It is much better."

Swansea coach Alan Curtis, currently standing in for Francesco Guidolin as the Italian recovers from a chest infection, sees no reason why football should not move into line with other sports, providing it is implemented correctly.

"I think gradually we'll see more technology in the game, b ut it has got to be good for the game and not slow the game down," he said.

"Look at rugby when they are reviewing tries and other situations, it seems like it goes on for ever and ever, so I hope it never gets to that stage, but if they can do something as quick as the goal-line technology, then great.

"As long as it doesn't interfere with the flow of football, then I am all for it."

Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini is also an advocate of trying new systems to help iron out honest incorrect calls.

Speaking about the issue in January, he said: "I think it is very important - the same as goal technology - not to use the technology to change the criterion (responsibilities or judgement) of the referee, but just if it is a mistake.

"If he whistles for a penalty when the foul is outside the box, or a penalty when the ball hits the chest not the hand, it is not about the criterion, it is about a mistake.

"About other things, I think it can be more difficult, and I don't think technology can change these criterion.

"But I think each manager can have, similar to tennis, one play in each 45 minutes to review - just one - and about important things, about red cards, about penalty, about goal."

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