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Plan B hooked on management

Rapper 'Plan B' has been warning about the scourge of addiction... to the 'Championship Manager' computer game.

He confessed to being addicted to the manager game "like it was cocaine". The 'She Said' singer admitted that he was so hooked on the football simulation PC game that he almost dropped out of college.

"'I didn't come out of my house," Plan B said. "My friends would ring up and I'd ignore their calls. They'd knock at my door and I'd say I was really ill just so I could play my game and have no interruptions.

"I'd miss days of college to play that damn game."

But he did have some considerable success. "My biggest gaming moment was when I got Rushden & Diamonds into the Champions League after taking them from the Conference.

"It is so f****** sad to hear myself say that. But I love that game."

Irish Independent