Saturday 24 February 2018

People are talking: Roo and Stella are a perfect match

Evan Fanning

Wayne Rooney is not alone among sportspeople in being painted as two-dimensional, but he suffers more than most.

The news that emerged from the phone-hacking trial in the UK that the password for his hacked phone was that well-known strong lager Stella Artois did little to dispel the notion of Wayne as a beer-swilling lad who enjoys the simple things in life, the simpler, the better.

What Wayne sees in Stella has been subject to much conjecture. Maybe he looked at his old team-mate David Beckham and said "if I'm going to be a global icon I need the reach and appeal of a worldwide and instantly recognisable name".

But while Becks went after – and subsequently became – a one-man international conglomerate, perhaps in Stella Artois, Wayne saw a brand he could get behind.

It was, he might reason, a label that combined style, beauty and humour with an ability to get off your face and perhaps behave irrationally, though no doubt the good people at Stella encourage Wayne, and the rest of us, to drink responsibly.

In many ways that's exactly how Wayne plays football.

Or maybe he adopted the "reassuringly expensive" slogan from the lager's adverts as a personal mantra, which gave him the Dutch courage, not to mention twisted logic, to walk into Alex Ferguson's office and say he would leave if Manchester United didn't sign better players, and then again some time later when said better players were taking his place in the team.

Perhaps Wayne just did what many of us do when trying to choose a password and picked whatever was sitting in front of him at that moment – quarter-pounder with cheese and chips being too much to remember.

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