Monday 23 April 2018

Welcome to Scamdinavia - Man United fans protest at Midtjyylland ticket prices

Manchester United supporters are being charged £71 each, after Southampton fans had to pay just £22 earlier in the season

Manchester United supporters are saying enough is enough
Manchester United supporters are saying enough is enough

Midtjylland have been accused of "exploiting" Manchester United fans by charging them £71 each for a ticket to Thursday's Europa League match in Denmark.

Around 800 United fans have had to pay the premium rate for the first leg of the second-round match at the MCH Arena.

One United fan, Thomas Kearney, will unfurl a banner at the stadium that has: 'WELCOME TO SCAMDINAVIA' written on it in black and white letters.

It also highlights the fact that Southampton supporters were charged just £22 when they played at the home of the Danish champions in the Europa League play-off round in August.

Kearney said: "I feel frustrated, exploited and astonished by the prices.

"What is especially annoying is that a ticket for Southampton fans back in August cost £22 - a 223 per cent price increase.

"I had bought flights and accommodation in advance (of the ticket price announcement), so what other option was there (but to attend)?

"We only paid slightly more than £71 for the three away Champions League group games this season, which puts the price into perspective.

"I think I can speak for everyone on this though, trips following the Reds are too enjoyable to pass up.

"We could boycott, but what use would that be if there are many more who are willing to snap up the tickets, especially those in Scandinavia who'd happily take up the opportunity to watch United in that part of the world.

"But hopefully by the picture of our banner being posted across Twitter, that will encourage others to follow suit.

"Hopefully this will get some coverage and pressurise UEFA - it won't come from the clubs - to step in and put a cap on these ludicrous prices."

It's been reported that United complained to UEFA about the ticket prices, but ultimately could not get them reduced.

Midtjylland failed to respond to requests for a comment.

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