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John Giles: Rio Ferdinand is Dunne as a footballer - He has become a joke


Gus Poyet

Gus Poyet


Gus Poyet

John Giles has said that Rio Ferdinand has become something of a "joke" in light of his antics off the pitch and says he could learn a lot from team-mate Richard Dunne.

The former Irish international has been recalled to the QPR starting team at the expense of Ferdinand, which Giles says has given Harry Redknapp's side more solidity.

"Ferdinand hasn’t really kicked a ball in three years and his best football came a few years before that," he writes in his column in The Herald.

"He’s knocking out a great salary at QPR and Harry Redknapp seems delighted to pay him but last weekend it was Richard Dunne and Stephen Caulker who were throwing themselves around penalty areas trying their best for their team."

Describing Dunne as "old school", he says the Dubliner is committed to squeezing every drop out of his career as possible, in stark contrast to Ferdinand whom he believes is far too outspoken for his own good.

"His hypocrisy this week after Tony Fernandes, the QPR chairman, decided to fine him for a Twitter outburst, which suggested some very uncomplimentary things about someone’s mother during an exchange, is mind-blowing."

On top of the "string of nonsense on his Twitter account", Giles says that his ambition to become an advocate on racism is highly hypocritical.

"You cannot make a stand on an issue like racism and then use the kind of language which was very derogatory to women in a throwaway conversation with somebody on the Internet and expect to be taken seriously. Personally, I’ve never taken him seriously as a footballer or anything else."

Citing the "self-serving" antics during the Moyes era – where Ferdinand criticised the former United manager for pinning the team lineup on the dressing room – the former Ireland manager and player says enough is enough for the former England international.

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