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Jim Boyce: John Delaney made a big mistake but his apology should be accepted

FIFA Vice President Jim Boyce has claimed John Delaney made a big mistake by singing republican ballad Joe McDonnell in a Dublin pub following Ireland’s friendly win over the USA.

Boyce, a long time friend of Delaney’s, earlier this week slammed the CEO of the FAI for his “stupid” actions.

And speaking on RTE 1 radio today, the Northern Irishman reaffirmed his beliefs and said that Delaney made a big mistake, but that an apology should suffice.

“I know John Delaney a long time,” said Boyce on RTE radio today.

"We've shared dinners together, we've shared many a good evening together. I'm sure today he regrets very much what he did.”

Boyce himself was injured in a bomb attack during the troubles and has always spoken out against sectarianism.

"I was injured in a very bad bomb explosion on my second wedding anniversary. 

"I have always consistently condemned any form of bigotry or sectarianism. It didn't change me as a person because I have no time for it.

"No matter what side it comes from, I would say the same if this had come from the loyalist side, I have no time glorifying people who murdered many innocent people."

Delaney apologised for his actions and Boyce says that he will regret his actions and must be more careful in the futrure.

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"We all make mistakes. I think John has made a big mistake in this particular instance," Added Boyce

"I'm sure John himself, when he's sitting and reflecting on it today. I know he's already apologised, and I'm glad to hear that he's done that.

"He has apologised, and I think that apology should be accepted, but he has to reflect on, what I thought 'stupidity' and that was the word I used. I certainly wouldn't have done it.

"I have no problem whatsoever with people singing Irish songs, I just do not agree with people singing songs glorifying murderers.

"Should it have come on the loyalist side of the community I would condemn that equally."

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