Friday 23 February 2018

Nutty Professor reminds us -- never rule out the Germans

IF you want to know who the winners of this year's World Cup will be, then read on.

A German physics professor named Metin Tolan claims he has devised a mathematical formula which can calculate who will lift the trophy in Johannesburg on July 11. The result is not exactly a huge surprise. It's Germany.

Tolin has based his formula on previous winners and, as the Germans have won it three times, the professor claims it's now their turn. In other words, the law of averages will prevail.

"It is very simple," Tolin claimed. "The last time we won the World Cup was in 1990, there have been four tournaments since. The average finishing place of the Germany team is 3.7 and the German team wins the title every fourth or fifth World Cup. Nobody can beat us this year and you can already put the champagne on ice."

Before you rush out and slap €20 on Joachim Loew's men, a word of caution. Professor Tolin predicted that Germany would win the last World Cup. The boffin also has advice for teams in penalty shoot-outs.

"The weakest kicker should take the first penalty, then the second-weakest and so on," he says. "Then you have the greatest chance of scoring as many as possible." England, take note.

Irish Independent

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