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No solace for England as Mourinho says shoot-outs are in hands of God


Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho

As the most successful coach of the last decade, and one whose preparation is such he even plans press conferences, it might be expected that Jose Mourinho would have a solution to England's problem with penalties.

However, when it comes to spot-kick shoot-outs the Chelsea manager's record is as bad as England's. He has lost twice in the Champions League semi-finals, to Liverpool with Chelsea and Bayern Munich with Real Madrid. He lost the European Super Cup last September with Chelsea against Bayern Munich.

When asked about penalties he groans, gestures, and exclaims, almost despairingly: "Don't speak about penalties with me, because I always lose with penalties.

"I have lost so many times and I did everything: the team practised, the team did not practise – We did everything we could do." Mourinho points towards the heavens and adds: "Final conclusion is, what He wants.


"With Real Madrid I didn't win the Champions League because (Cristiano) Ronaldo, Kaka, Sergio Ramos – they miss the penalty. It was not somebody that didn't want to take the penalty, it was not somebody that was shaking because, 'I don't want to go and I never took a penalty in my life and the boss told me to go.' No, it was the three best penalty takers, they come to me and they say, 'I want to be the first,' 'I want to be the second,' 'I want to be the third.' 'OK, go'. They all miss! That's why I didn't win the Champions League with Real Madrid.

"With Chelsea, against Liverpool, we had everything organised: The best penalty taker all season in training, never missed a penalty, was Geremi. So 10 minutes before the end of the game I put on Geremi for the penalties. Geremi goes there – miss. One that was not on the list was (Arjen) Robben and Robben comes to me and tells me, 'I'm not on the list. I take No 1, 100pc it is a goal.' OK, I let him go No 1. Miss!

"Nothing you can do, man, nothing. I keep saying I am going to win a competition on penalties, a big one. One day." (©Independent News Service)

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