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Thursday 17 October 2019

'Name me one white player who is thought of as blingy' - Raheem Sterling insists ‘flashy’ portrayal is a hurtful stereotype

Raheem Sterling. (Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images)
Raheem Sterling. (Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images)

Jack Rathborn

Raheem Sterling admits it is “hurtful” to be portrayed as “flashy” in the media and contends the word is a stereotype of black people.

The Manchester City star has been subjected to racist abuse throughout his career, including an incident earlier this season at Stamford Bridge against Chelsea.

The media attention has predominantly portrayed a negative side to his personality, which Sterling fiercely contends is “the complete opposite of who I am.”

“It is not just me,” Sterling told the New York Times. “Whenever you see a report on a black player or a black entertainer it has to end up with money, or bling, or cars, or something flashy. With a successful white person, it is nice, short, sweet, what a lovable person. Name me one white player who is thought of as ‘blingy.’

“If he is showing you his car, showing he is on top of the world, if that is what he puts out, then call him flashy. But I’m not showing you that, so why are you calling me that?

“It is a stereotype of black people: chains and jewellery, bling and money. These are words that are associated with black people.

“If I was showing 10 cars on my driveway, if I was on Instagram biting my gold chain, or with two Rolexes on, you can call me flashy. But you can’t label me as that if I am not portraying that.” 

Sterling hopes to provide opportunities for children from similar backgrounds to himself near Wembley, where he grew up. The City star has confirmed plans to collaborate with the council to establish a sporting and educational institute.

Sterling is enjoying a fine season too, which may see him win the PFA Player of the Year award.

A hat-trick against Watford last weekend has now put him on 15 goals, while he has also contributed 11 assists for the Premier League leaders.

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