Saturday 24 March 2018

Moses parts yellow sea

FORMER Shelbourne midfielder Wes Hoolahan may have scored on his Premier League debut to earn a point for Norwich but it was a Wigan player who set this game alight.

Time and again, Victor Moses found himself pinned to the touchline, Norwich players encircling him like thugs in a dark alley. Time and again, he managed to wriggle free in a surge of speed and a twinkling of toes: Moses parting the yellow sea.

Moses, an asylum seeker from Nigeria, was spotted by Crystal Palace as a teenager and sent to a fee-paying school in Croydon to further his footballing development.

He is, according to his manager, a quiet, humble soul; the antithesis of the brash modern footballer.

Listening to Roberto Martinez talk about the 20-year-old winger he signed in January 2010 is like hearing a doting father praising a high-achieving son.

"He's a real joy," Martinez said. "It's like rolling back the years, when players used to get on the ball and go past people. Those are the players you want to watch, and you would pay good money to watch Victor Moses.

"Everyone will tell you how well he gets away from people, but he has a real team ethic.

"We need to give him time and patience, but he's a special, special talent."

Norwich, attempting to avoid relegation from the Premier League for the first time since 1994, do not possess a player as gifted as Moses.

What they do have is an abundance of spirit and one of the most promising managers in the game in Paul Lambert.

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